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Ceramic paint is the ultimate alternative to traditional paint, providing a coating solution that is far more cost-effective, durable, and breathable.

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Where is it used?

Ceramic paint coatings can be applied to any structure, be it a home or commercial property.

What does Ceramic Paint do?

Ceramic paint serves the same purpose as traditional paint but functions much differently.

  • It provides beauty and color to the exterior of your structure.
  • It coats and seals your structure in the strongest way possible.
  • It provides the greatest longevity of any exterior coating on the market, guaranteed to last for 25 years.
  • Rhino Shield’s elastomeric acrylic resins with urethane binders result in a flexible but tough surface.
  • It provides the highest level of breathability. The permeability means that it releases the condensation and water vapors that will start breaking down other coatings.
  • It allows for Solar Reflectance. Energy consumption will increase if the sun can heat your building. Rhino Shield ceramic formula lowers your wall surface temperature by reflecting solar rays away from your building saving in cooling costs.
  • It provides the highest level of waterproofing. Your building will be sealed, preventing water penetration that could result in mildew, mold, or cracking paint.

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All sorts of weather climates are accommodated by our ceramic paint, with its customized product formulas guaranteed to not chip, peel or crack while offering superior corrosion resistance, UV ray reflectivity and waterproofing.

How is Ceramic Paint different from traditional paint?

Over 60% of Traditional exterior paint is made up of water, when analyzed in terms of percentage of solids by weight. In contrast, Rhino Shield’s ceramic paint is 60% solid material.
The core materials in ceramic paint are very different from traditional paint, and allow for it’s long-lasting and weatherproofing properties. These core elements are called Ceramic Microspheres, and they replace paint fillers such as chalk that are used in traditional paint. These microspheres are packed very tightly, and provide the strongest insulating barrier possible against extreme weather elements like heat and UV rays.

Because of the high percentage of solids, ceramic paint is thicker, providing greater protection against the elements and preventing coating breakdown. The paint does not deteriorate. Compare this to typical exterior paint, where up to 70% of the paint will decay, floating into the air over time.

Ceramic paint prevents against ugly and damaging microbes, containing an EPA-registered and industry leading 3 part mold, mildew and algae additive.

Microsphere Technology

The innovative and proprietary use of ceramic microspheres is at the core of Rhino Shield’s ceramic paint product. The invention of ceramic microspheres took place in the 1940’s by “NACA”, the predecessor to NASA. They were an outgrowth of the invention of ceramic beads. Ceramic microspheres are solid “globes” with rigid ceramic “walls”. All ceramic products provide high heat and UV ray resistance; ceramic paint is no different.

Quality and Integrity

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Rhino Shield’s ceramic microspheres, the core of our ceramic paint, are the highest quality in use today. All ceramics are not equally durable, and we have perfected the technology so that the microspheres used in our product are the best on the market. Our microspheres are engineered to last.

These microspheres are all perfectly round and symmetrical, but irregular in terms of size. As a result, when coated onto a surface, they pack together and combine to form the tightest bond possible, providing the ultimate in insulation benefits and coating durability.

This technology differs tremendously from that of conventional paints, which are made up of cheap mineral fillers (such as calcium carbonate), which are irregular in shape and size. These cheap fillers cannot pack tightly and result in a thin exterior coating, leading to paint breakdown, constant maintenance, painting, and re-painting. Ceramic paints, once applied, will not require maintenance for years.

Ceramic paint is the exterior coating of the 21st century. Don’t settle for conventional paint-protect and beautify your structure with the ultimate in exterior coating. Choose ceramic paint.

Choose Rhino Shield.