Rhino Shield FAQ

On What Surfaces Can You Use Rhino Shield?

The design of Rhino Shield ceramic exterior coatings allows application to virtually any surface of any structure. Our industry leading ceramic wall coating can be used on all wood substrates, as well as on Vinyl, Steel, Aluminum, Asbestos, Masonite, brick, stone, cement, cement block and stucco.

Will My Wood Grain Still Be Visible After Rhino Shield Exterior House Coating Is Applied?

Absolutely. Rhino Shield products do not alter wood grains and textures. If anything, the extreme durability of our ceramic coatings will enhance the look of your home’s wood exterior.

How Long Does Rhino Shield Last?

Rhino Shield’s two-coat application system has a twenty-five year warranty against cracking, chipping and peeling. This means that you will not have to repaint your home for 25 years! The warranty can also be transferred to a subsequent owner if properly re-registered. Unlike traditional paint, Rhino Shield will not decay.

Will Changing The Color of The Paint at a Later Date be an Issue?

Not at all. We can change colors easily by simply re-applying the top coat of the exterior coating.

Why Does It Take More Time for a Job Done with Rhino Shield as Compared to a Job Done with Regular Paint?

Preparation time always affects completion time. Some projects take longer to prepare. If the preparation is complete, the actual installation of Rhino Shield will be the same as with regular paint. Our preparation process is as follows:

  1. Discuss color choices, inspect home or building, expectations and the installation process
  2. Pressure wash the home on ALL substrates to remove dirt, mold & mildew
  3. Repair/Replace damaged “substrate.”
  4. Feather sand to remove old paint in areas that are peeling or flaking
  5. Caulk & Seal in work areas
  6. Prep Inspection with owners before the application of any product

How Can You Be Sure Rhino Shield Will Last 25 Years?

Our product has been tested by independent labs such as BASF other ASTM laboratories to ensure durability and performance. Testing results (see Testing Results) have confirmed that Rhino Shield, when properly applied, will last in excess of 25 years.

Is It Possible To Acquire and Apply Rhino Shield On My Own?

No. The product is proprietary and is sold only by licensed Rhino Shield dealers and installed exclusively by our Washington D.C. master painters.

How Long is Rhino Shield Covered Under Warranty?

Rhino Shield comes with a 25-year warranty.

Is The Warranty Transferable?

Yes. When selling the home, the warranty is transferable to the new homeowner. This transferable warranty increases the resale value of the home and is, therefore, another reason to choose Rhino Shield over traditional paint.

Will My Homeowner’s Association Approve Rhino Shield?

Of course. If your Homeowner’s Association approves traditional paint, they will approve Rhino Shield.

Can Rhino Shield Exterior House Coating be Applied to Historic Homes?

Rhino Shield will enhance and beautify older wood. As a homeowner, you should always consult your local bureau in charge of historic buildings, but most municipalities have overwhelmingly approved Rhino Shield for use on historic homes throughout Washington D.C and beyond.

How Much Does Rhino Shield Cost?

Rhino paint cost is slightly more than a traditional paint job and less than or equal to the installation of vinyl siding. To receive a free, no obligation exact price estimate for your home, please click here.

What are My Payment Options?

We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. Financing is also available.

For Comparison Purposes, Explain the Term “Professional Paint Job”

A “Professional Paint Job” includes the following:

  • Power washing
  • Repairing bad wood
  • Caulking
  • Priming
  • Making sure that you apply as many coats of paint as the paint manufacturer specifies

Click here to learn about how our process differs.

Do You Repair Rotten Wood Before Installation?

Yes. Before the coating is applied, all rotten wood is repaired or replaced as agreed to in the job contract.

Can Rhino Shield be Used to Cover Vinyl Siding?

Yes. Depending on the gauge of the siding, Rhino Shield can be applied to cover vinyl siding.

How Does Vinyl Siding Compare to Rhino Shield?

Rhino Shield is usually more cost effective than vinyl siding. You are able to keep the existing siding but freshen it up and even change the color.

Does This Product Breathe?

Yes. Rhino Shield is totally gas permeable and allows water vapor and condensation to escape. The breathability of the ceramic microspheres is one of the most beneficial elements of Rhino Shield as it protects against algae and mildew.

Is it Possible to Tint Rhino Shield Any Color Or Are There Specific Ceramic Coating Colors?

With Rhino Shield, the color potential is virtually limitless. There are no specific ceramic coating colors. Rhino Shield can be tinted to standard colors and custom tinting is also available.