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My wife and I are retired and not getting any younger. The last time our house was painted, we did it ourselves and swore we were never going to do that again.
Our house has T-111 siding. We had considered many options including vinyl siding, stucco or just hiring someone to paint it. We had heard about Rhino Shield and did some more research on it. We thought this would be the way to go.
There were some areas of rotted wood that we knew we would need to replace, including the exterior chimney enclosure above the roof. Before making those repairs we decided to get an estimate from Rhino Shield to apply their Coating to our home.
Bob, from Rhino Shield in Jacksonville, came to look at our house and give us a quote. He explained the entire process and inspected and measured the house. We pointed out some areas of wood that we would need to replace first and also told him that we would remove the vinyl gutters on the back side of the house, because we were not happy with it. He told us that they would replace any of the damaged wood areas and that would be included in the price. He also said they would remove the gutters and haul them off for us at no additional charge.
We were sitting down expecting the worse when he started putting figures into his calculator. The figure was close to what we had budgeted and considering all the repair work that had to be done, we felt it was actually a bargain at the quoted price. Bob was great and answered any questions we had and addressed any concerns.
Within a few days of signing the contract, we received a call from Ed to schedule a start date for the project. He explained that he would oversee the project and make sure we were satisfied before his team completed the job. Bob was pleasant and made us feel secure in our decision. During one of his stops during the process, he visited with us for a while and asked if we had any concerns.
I mentioned about removing the gutter on the back of the house and told him I was concerned about water and dirt splashing up on the panels and causing stains and rot. He explained that the Rhino Shield would prevent water from penetrating the wood panels and gave us a few ideas on how to deal with the rain runoff from the roof we put in a gravel bed along the side of the house and it looks great and we are thankful for the suggestion. This suggestion was also made by Ricardo earlier.
On the appointed day, Richardo and his assistant arrived at our house ready to get started. The were very personable and explained the entire process to us. They started on a Monday and spent the rest of that week and the following Monday going about their tasks.
My wife and I were impressed with their work ethic. They went to work each day assoon as they arrived and from what I could tell, didn’t take much in the way of breaks. As a matter of fact, I actually had to make them take a few breaks to eat some snacks we provided.
They were very pleasant and I enjoyed several conversations (while he worked,) learning about him, his family, his future plans and before he left, I felt like I had a new friend. The team answered my questions and made sure they satisfactorily took care of any concerns I may have had.
Actually, to me, it seems they went above and beyond in doing what needed to be done with a pleasant attitude and were excellent in the area of customer service. Both had wonderful personalities and we felt very comfortable having
them around the house.”
Norm L., FL
The painting crew was exceptional! Giovanni, Mariano and Gary, thank you again!
J. and C. Dick, WI
I wanted to let you know that it has been about 5 years since we had our home painted with Rhinoshield and it still looks brand new. You can actually touch the rhinoshiled and feel that it is a very durable and strong seal on our home. It was worth the extra money it cost us, as compared to the cost of a traditional paint job. Normally, in a couple more years I would have been looking for another paint job, but our Rhinoshield job has shown no wear and tear.

Thanks again for the terrific paint job”

R. and M.J. Anzivino, WI
I am amazed how the Rhino Shield penetrated the brick that we have on our house. The financing was key in moving forward.
B. and M. Atol, WI
I love the look of our home, The crew was great and clean up was outstanding!
Pam and Mike K., WI
Had a good work crew.
James S., WI
We had a few spots that needed touching up and Brad came out on a Sunday to fix those spots. That was outstanding service and he was very professional!
Jeff and Cindy J., WI
Thank you for standing behind your crew(s), product, and reputation. My wife and I are very pleased with the outcome.
Dave and Lynn B., WI
I am very happy with the appearance of my home. Keep doing what you are doing. Good communication and you keep your word! This sets you apart from the many!
Marianne B., WI
The crew that worked on my home was wonderful! Hard working, great personalities, and helpful — I had one help me out kick starting my Scooter when I needed to get back to work. The job was done in a timely manner and we and the neighbors are pleased with the results!
Wendy, WI
The crew from the leader to it’s team members were all so polite and hard working! I’m so happy and so is my wife that we went with Rhino Shield. My house looks it’s best since we built it in 1995!

Thank You!

Dennis and Ginny Jost, WI