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Does your roof need a Rhino roof coating in order to protect the building’s insulation and against moisture buildup? This type of ceramic roof coating is ideal for almost any slope or substrate. Since 1964, Rhino Super Shield has offered premium roof coatings. Each roof is unique, whether it is on a commercial or residential property.

Roof Slope: Choosing Right Roof Coating

If a coating is installed that is not the correct one for the slope of the roof, then the effectiveness of the building’s insulation and protection against moisture buildup will be jeopardized. In order to address this parameter, Super Shield offers two types of ceramic roof coatings.

Flat Roof System


The flat roof system is used on flat roofs that have a slight slope. It is a bright white elastomeric roof coating that has terrific insulating and waterproofing benefits. It is specially designed for roofs that have no pooling water but only a minimally sloped roof. It’s applied in a two-step process. First, a waterproofing primer is applied called Roof Primer. It’s exceptionally adhesive and will stick to almost any type of material used on a roof. Second, an acrylic, ceramic coating called Flat Roof is applied in two layers. This will create a 14 ml barrier of mold resistence and leak protection.

  Roof One Coat

Our elastomeric coatings that only require one coat for sloped roofs are known as Roof One Coat. It has a high resin content and terrific adhesive properties that negate the need for a primer. Titanium dioxide and ceramic microspheres create a coating that has excellent thermal insulation and reflective properties. When dry, the liquid latex barrier acts like a thick rubber membrane, sealing out water. It also will expand and contract with the building’s movement and temperature change. It also will resist mildew and mold. Roof One Coat is ideal for roofs in cold weather, as it has passed ASTM test D522.

Super Shield or Roof Replacement


Replacing a roof is an expensive, time-consuming project. Super Shield ceramic coatings can add years to the life of your roof, but it can also add beauty to it. You won’t have to worry about your Super Shield coating cracking, peeling or chipping.

Energy Savings with Super Shield

You can reduce your home or business’ cooling and heating costs with Super Shield. It is a coating that lowers the thermos-conductivity of the roof. It will also reflect more UV rays, making your roof cooler. Because of these properties, Super Shield is an Energy Star product, as well as an Energy Star Partner.

Cool Color Technology

The pigment in Super Shield reflects the UV energy away from the roof instead of absorbing it like most darker colors. This pigment helps lower the temperature of your roof by 25 degrees or more when it is moderately warm outside. These lower temperatures outside mean lower temperatures inside. Cool Colors are available in 20 colors.

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When it comes to insulating paint for your roof, Super Shield’s line of products offers many advantages over roof replacement or repair. We look forward to hearing from you and answering all your questions about Super Shield!